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We're Deep into Fertility
and Reproductive Health

Our Focus is on the Below Sectors


  • IVF Clinics/Fertility Centers

  • Conventional IVF and ICSI

  • Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

  • Obstetric-Gynecology Clinics

  • Ancillary Surgery Centers 


  • ART Product OEMs

  • IVF Lab Equipment OEMs

  • Labware and OB-GYN Supplies

  • Contract Manufacturers

  • Product Distributors


  • Prenatal Testing

  • Genetic Screening

  • Male Factor Diagnostics

  • Biotech Therapeutics

  • Tele-Health and Disruptive Tech

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Unmatched Expertise in Selling Companies of Your Type & Size

We have years of expertise selling resource-light founder and physician-owned companies with EBITDA ranging from $2M to $10M. Selling such small-to-midsized businesses successfully requires substantial effort and specific functional expertise that is not commonly found among institutionalized investment bankers... especially within the medical practices and products industry.

We have differentiated hands-on medical practice, fertility, and reproductive health expertise surrounding all key areas of your business, including Medicare reimbursement, billings and collections, physician and nurse staffing, COVID navigation, and other strategic, operations, and financial matters that are often overlooked by other investment banks (because of the complexity)...but are critical to address in order to close an optimal deal.  When we meet, we have a number of successful war stories that we can share, showing where our unique capabilities made all the difference.

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Lean M&A Process

Our Execution is Better: Leaner, Stronger & Faster

We have the audacity to execute deals better, stronger, and faster than others, and have painstakingly developed our M&A transaction process from the ground up based on years of toughened deal experience, coupled with our own process innovation and industry-leading best practices.  Follow us and feel the burn. 

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