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Our Pledge To You


Dear Future Client,

I have spent the last quarter of a century and countless hours exclusively serving small-to-midsized business owners just like you.  Literally hundreds of companies. 

I have seen it all and understand like no other investment banker can the blood, sweat, tears, and unique challenges that you and your growing team face on a daily basis.  We too are entrepreneurs! 


In my opinion, many of the challenges and resource constraints faced by small businesses make it frankly impossible for larger, less nimble investment banks to properly and efficiently represent such businesses well in an M&A sale process. 


Furthermore, none of the investment banks are technically capable or organized to provide deeply competent hands-on daily business strategy, operations, and financial support that so many founder and physician-owned businesses need in in order to accelerate revenue growth, drive operating efficiency (through people, process, technology, and analytics), maximize profitability, and mitigate business risk...all key elements in order to sell their companies for top dollar in the future, when the time comes.

Based on personal experience, I have found that once an investment bank significantly "grows up" and becomes "institutionalized", it is no longer really a boutique firm and the mandate dictated from the top down usually changes significantly. 


Such a firm's mission usually becomes: "GROW!"...often at all costs.  And with such a mandate, it is usually the clients that start to receive the most pain and risk...and the smaller the client, the more pain and risk there is.  And the small business owner client will not necessarily even know there is pain or risk with their deal, or know the higher valuation and better terms that they could have received if they went with a more nimble investment bank that was more dedicated and capable of putting in exceptional quality time and resource focus to only serve them (e.g., treating them as if they were a bigger ticket client).


We can explain more when we meet, but simply put: bigger is NOT necessarily better when it comes to investment banks, or consulting firms. The same can probably be said for your business as you continue to successfully compete against bulkier and slower peers.  This is why I founded Audacity.



We are enthused to be directly addressing this problem through Audacity Investment Bankers.  What makes us great for you is that we have unparalleled experience working with owners just like you. Plus, every aspect of our practice has been thoughtfully and painstakingly innovated so that we can serve your small-to-midsized business like NO OTHER investment bank can...ultimately providing you with the highest value and best outcome.

We also have an especially wide-to-lean talent ratio and incredibly deep fertility and other healthcare expertise that enables us to do more for you than most other banks of our size can. 


And, because we have been so deeply involved in selling companies of your size for so long, we have unparalleled experience with and access to the major and under-the-radar private equity firms and industry consolidators relevant to your business, and we know how they think and what they are looking for in order to be eager to pay a premium for a company.  We will make ensure that your deal gets done efficiently, quickly, and right, while aligning your company for an exceptional sale with the perfect buyer.

In short, we have the right talent, pulse on the market, understanding of key healthcare industry dynamics, and insider buyer knowledge and relationships to drive a highly competitive auction process that is designed to deliver the best possible exit value and deal terms for small-to-midsized medical practice owners just like you...efficiently and effectively.


Oh yeah...very importantly, we also put the success of our existing clients first...above and beyond those of prospective clients.  We are very selective in the clients that we choose to take on each year, and our goal is to not grow uncontrolled...but to selectively pick and serve our chosen clients as best as possible, and to stay small, lean, and humble in the spirit of a true "boutique" investment bank. 


We have the audacity to create unmatched value for you as a client because we know first hand that bigger is clearly not better. 



I hereby pledge that we will give it "our all" to provide you with the best possible service that you will ever find in the investment banking industry. 


Let us prove it to us today for a free consultation.  We are here to serve YOU.


Be Well and Be You,

Jeffrey Shippy

Jeffrey Shippy
Founder & CEO

Audacity Investment Bankers

(A 100% Family-Owned Business)

Our mission is to provide great investment banking and value services that are sophisticated, super lean, and razor focused on delivering exceptional outcomes, specifically for small-to-midsized clients.

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